Baby Steps


So here I am, taking the plunge into the blog world. I know I’m late. I tried before and it didn’t stick. I think things are different now. I have a new commitment to my writing and and after all, what have I got to lose.

So here are my goals for this blog. I’m going to keep them small and realistic, because I know how I am. This time I’m taking “Baby steps.” Not going to try to swallow the whole elephant at once.

So here are the goals for now.

Post here twice per week. One piece short – up to 250 words, the other over 500. Doesn’t seem like much now, but it will be a challenge.

Other writing: Keep on the short stories. At least a new one every other month, depending on length. Get the novel mostly completed at NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month. I’ve been signed up for the last couple years, but never followed through. So for the next three weeks leading up to November 1st I will focus and getting something written. Just get in the habit. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just get the juices flowing. Now it will be hard the end of the month because of the family vacation, but those are the type of challenges I’ll have to deal with. Hell, in November I’m in Vegas for three days. (Probably a good thing I’m not drinking write now.)

There’s the mantra: I’m not drinking write now.

mark it down. 5:56 AM on Thurdsay October 9, 2014 Light rail just stopped at DU.

I think of it as vomiting words on my computer.  (Nice visual.)

Stay tuned.


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