Last day of Marching Band Season

This is going to be short as I am writing on my iPhone and on the track of the football stadium watching the kids In Their final practice session

Today is the last day of marching band season. Since early August u have been watching my daughter and her band mates working there collective asses off and today it culminates at the state championships. And while all their hard work is impressive and I am very proud of what these kids have accomplished I am even more impressed with my fellow band parents.

The are a 144 kids in this band and most of the parents are actively involved supporting there efforts. This support comes from making sure the kids are fed, to moving equipment and to my little band of snowflake wranglers. We’re a great group of folks and I have had a ton of fun.

This the most involved I have been involved in any kid activity. In May our and director asked me to give snowflakes ultimately he got 50 of them, thanks to a great team effort. One dad did the design. We had 40 people help paint and glitter them. And I’ve been wrangling them the last five weeks. It’s been great.

The best part was yesterday and the crowd reaction to the band’s final move. The kids take the snowflakes and turn them into a flower. It’s awesome and makes all the paint and glittering worth it.

So off to the Air Force Academy.


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